If You Woke Me

by Sodada

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released July 1, 2016

Andy C- Bass, Guitar, Vox
Hannah Rose- Keys, Guitar, Vox
Adam Elias- Drums, Percussion

Produced and mixed by Andy C and Hannah Rose (Shape Recording)
Recorded at Ambient Recording Co and Shape Recording
Mastered by Silas Brown at Legacy Sound

All songs written and arranged by Andy C and Hannah Rose except Moanin (Written by Timmons and Hendricks)

Cover Photo by Z. McMahon, Graphic Design by Andy C
Copyright 2016 Sodada


all rights reserved



Sodada Northampton, Massachusetts

Inspired by punk DIY energy, jazz modality and bringing a fresh perspective to contemporary indie rock, Sodada likes to push boundaries and blur definitions – whether that's in music, visual art, gender, or opinions on extra terrestrials.


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Track Name: In The Light
Sat outside while the lights hung low
Crickets cried, birds all flew home
So little we knew

Spoken to me, without words
A silent song spun in verse
And I heard

You are the music in my soul
It rattles my bones and shakes me home
You are the one I knew before
Set me free, unlock the door

Well these days, my skin feels slow
But all things end with all things new

Every hour I feel it grow
I know soul along the road

You are the music in my soul
It rattles my bones and shakes me home
You are the one I knew before
Set me free, unlock the door

Barefoot, in the room at dawn
In the light I sense a dream
Waking world

Take my hand and turn the page
The day can hold us in
Track Name: A Vision
It rained
Lightly on my mind
I fell awake still dreaming
My thoughts abound
Of you, of sound
It felt so good to see it

You take me there

Slow down
Take it all in, take it back
I’m still here, still breathing
In time goodbye is all hello
And I for one can’t wait to see it

You take me there
Track Name: Rain
It was raining
On my way home
I forgot my coat

The puddles on the ground
Show reflections of my soul
I was all alone

And I saw the light
It stole the night away
Took me by the hand
And swayed me

I turned around
And shook my soul right out
I felt so free
I felt like me
Track Name: If You Woke Me
Turn towards the light
I saw a face
Awash in joy
A sunburst sight

Burn to the ground
The will and was
All that remains
A sleeping sound

And if you woke me
I would only
Remember the moon

Up from the Earth
The leaves and lines
Within, without
Complete rebirth

Beneath the stone
Through glassine eyes
A whispered word
Something from home

And if you woke me
I would gladly
Return the world
Track Name: Frequency
I, I said
I’m gonna leave, ready to leave
This place
Even if we have to run away

I, I said

Arithmetic and empty glasses
Spins my head faster and faster
Like policy and wishful summer plans
Too soon I say, though no one asked me
This wasn’t supposed to happen yet
But nothing, could prepare you
For something quite like this

I, I said

What do you do when you’re stuck in a place
And there’s nothing to face but yourself
What do you say when there’s so much inside
But there isn’t a soul you can tell
To be patient, is like asking the river to run dry
And shouting at the sky won’t help
But it feels damn good to try

To be kind sometimes
Is like loving a stone
Unmoving and cold
But what’s the point
‘Cause turning away won’t get you to the place you want
Now I’m wheezing, barely breathing, lungs crying out heal me

So I’m working it out
Track Name: Blue Balloon
A blue balloon
Floats along the skyline
A crooked house
Obscures the moon

Flowers on a fall day
Standing still
Take your rest

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