by Sodada

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released May 11, 2019

produced by andy c & hannah rose

andy c : composition, vocals, guitar, bass, synths, organ
hannah rose : composition, vocals, pianos, guitar, synths, organ

ted sullivan : drum set, percussion
josh hirst : base on "Δ7" & "phase"
ian haas : drum set on "Δ7"
caroline o'leary : strings on "carry the moon" & "lit up"

engineered, mixed, & mastered by andy c

all production was carried out at the various incarnations of shape recording & spirithouse, with additional overdubs taking place at ghost hit recording. mastering occured in an undisclosed location.

lacquer mastering by scott hull.


all rights reserved



Sodada Northampton, Massachusetts

Inspired by punk DIY energy, jazz modality and bringing a fresh perspective to contemporary indie rock, Sodada likes to push boundaries and blur definitions – whether that's in music, visual art, gender, or opinions on extra terrestrials.


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Track Name: Retrograde
the world is waking up from a dream
the tide is coming out, believe me
so we're in retrograde
think it's time for a change
'cause water's rising past my face

leaders, say your prayers
what do you harbor?
there is another way
our mother's waiting

sky's been grey for twenty days
[we're] burnt out machines
swallowed by a void, it seems

remember the first ones,
a double rhythm all the time
flowing like water, dark, under the earth
to birth, i take the knowledge
turn the soul right out, inside another mother
hey! it's all we got to stand upon our shoulders
all the hope

so close, in different space
same room, but so far away
waves of salt in ion seas
shifting phase
Track Name: Ultraviolet
finished all my gin & tonic
staring in the ultraviolet
project my life straight on my eyelids
no, come back, scream to the sun
dusk has hit, but still i feel so strung
can't get you out of my head

i wish that i could feel you breathing
your body pressed to mine
ever since i met you darling
you've been so vivid in my mind

just glowing

my mind's a beautiful mess, i see it all so clearly
lately, i can't help but wonder what i hold so dearly
in your quest for relief, please don't evade my shoes
i want just to share, i feel what's eating you

it's eating me, too

& i'm overwhelmed by you
i can't even speak when we're in the same room
& i'm falling something fierce
safe to say it's all because of you
& i'm so afraid i'll scare you
so afraid i'll overstep a line
& i'm writing just to dare you

writing just to dare you
Track Name: Feel It
i just want to feel it, baby
i just want to feel it, baby
there ain't no one to tell you how to go
there ain't no one to tell you how to go

because the thing is, darling
shapes are hard to see
colors, too
but you & i & we & they
are red & gold & blue

& sometimes, i think this:
stars are hard to read
planets, too
but still, i stare through the night
like a dog under the table
to tell if we're able to...

follow, there; the path unwinding
or headed down the stairs to find
there's something there [in the dark]

can you feel me?
Track Name: Strgzr
think i'm going hazy
i've been dreaming for awhile
yeah, i still dare to dream
world been going mad lately
all we need is some peace of mind

all we need is a chance to find
a little love for each other, now
it's in your hands, now

all this fussin'
never got us anywhere
never made a new piece of rock for us to hurl around in space
free of want
feeling loved & heard & treasured
maybe we could try something new

i see all the colors
i see all the people around
i see all the blue skies darling, falling down
i see all the colors
i see all the blue skies darling
all the leaves around me, turning brown
Track Name: Interlude
when the sun is rising
& i'm half awake
you make up the horizon
so tenderly, you call to me
Track Name: March Ascending
march ascending
the space around me
spring is snowing
summer's coming soon

there are days when, i don't know what the hell's been going on
there are days when, i look to the stars
i look to the dirt & wonder
how can anything stay the same?
how can anything stay the same?

there are days when, we catch it before it falls back to the ground
there are days when, the vacuum of space calls me back to sound
where the vines grow wild & true
we find light in an empty room

lay me down
watch my heart beat faster, like...
stand so strong
feel my lungs collapsing, like...
Track Name: Carry the Moon
i carry the moon
& i told my fate against a growing room
fair to say it was a page away from truth
to the mirror of your face
& the song you sing to me, is a different tune

i'd sleep all through the day
& the silence is golden in this little space
have you heard the news today?
the air has turned away
so you shut it out, and back into the rain

turn me back, now
till we know how
turn me back, now
till we know how
Track Name: Birdsong
swallow, sing me awake
it's barely morning
how sweet you sound
as light surrounds us now

seep into everything
deep in this reverie
fragments of color-
in one ear, out the other

shading over the lines
of dusk & daylight
the hollow beat
& dreams unraveling

sing to me of everything
waking woods, the evergreens
time flows away
waiting for day to break

starlight fading
sky, a barely grey
we stay under cover
dreams here linger
Track Name: Lit Up
struck by lightning on the plain
in spite of all the fear, to feel, to fight
& dancing in the shadows brought the flame
my mind was all ahead of me
that night

shelter sought inside a cave
i couldn't rest my eyes so close to day
her hair was hanging low, her voice of grace
to make it down the mountain
& find my strength

smoke was rising from the hill
& i could touch the air, so close, so still
& moving through my veins, some fire to feed
to know is to believe


smoke in burning
sunlight eats away at those who stare
please don't bat an eye
please allow some wonder to float on
& on, & time again, we fall with tender cries
to wait until the breeze may come
to wait until we may see different skies
Track Name: Δ7
* .--.
/ / `
+ | |
' \ \__,
* + '--' *
+ /\
+ .' '. *
* /===\ +
;:. _ ;
|:. (_) |
|:. _ |
+ |:. (_) | *
;:. ;
.' \:. / `.
/ .-'':._.'`-. \
|/ /||\ \|
_.-'`` ``'-._
-' '-
Track Name: Nightsong
awake, deep in the night
light of its face is your guide
inhale, star on the ceiling
swallowed a ghost, your throat is a beacon

wonder, time is unyielding
here is the peace we can find
stay low, moths at the window
batting for freedom, & i...

see strawberry moon
rise above, rise above your shoulder
we, we grow long
as the earth, as the earth grows still

there she sets below your sky
soon, the twilight
beneath your line of vision
splashing my eyes in her wake
as she opens your mind to...

see strawberry moon
rise above, rise above your shoulder
we, we grow long
as the earth, as the earth grows still
Track Name: Phase
so : it goes
one foot in front of the other
like child takes after their mother
can we learn from the world
for the self
for the space we share
oh, the sky over our heads
sings songs of rain & joy
of sunlight, kissing our indifference

it goes

so : it goes
one foot in front of the other
in 2 worlds we've yet to discover
can we learn from prolix discourse when
it's bleeding from the balcony
oh, sing songs in stride and sorrow
'cause, intangibly we fall apart
fall back together

love me, do.

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